Everything we touch, comes to life

KORA Company is a unique workshop of green panels, moss items and interior design living units. We honour nature and design our products hand in hand with it. We are willing to offer you a contemporary design with preserved plants and moss elements including ECO gifts and branded ECO souvenirs. Our products are pure organic ones.

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About Our Product


Phytodesign is quite a hit service among European countries which has been growing in incredible intensity throughout Moldova lately. It is down to the fact that nowadays many people have realized the significance of nature presence in their interior which plays a great part in the life of any human being. After all living pieces of decor has such ability not only delight the eye but also transform the room itself. It has a good effect to people’s well-being. In addition, there is easing tension and stress quality in it. In other words, usage of preserved flora is highly beneficial and fits absolutely everywhere.

Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is a pure organic material gathered and processed in Norway. As a result of preservation, this kind of plant remains naturally fresh, beautiful and of color strength, and along with it lifelong.

Preserved Plants

Preserved plants hold a special place within the variety of plant products subjected to preservation. Unique properties acquired by innovative plant preservation technologies broke the ground in this area of interior design development.


Our Clients

Wildlife lovers

Both we and our clients are so passionate about beauty. They live in different corners of the world. One deals with politics or IT, another one produces wine or cooks the most delicious biscuits in the world, but all of them are eager to be surrounded with beautiful things. They can’t live with something ‘normal’ or ‘fine as it is’. Their fiery eyes and eagerness to ‘change’ inspire us and we inspire them.

Moss is an amazing natural material


Do you have a special design project but have no idea what to start with?

We ensure that each KORA project is customised taking into account client’s desires whether to have indoor landscaping, phyto-logotype or thematic decor. Choosing us will provide your project with appropriate support so that you would be able to experience homelike and light-hearted presence of natural surroundings. The brief description of project stages is below specified.


Consulting and initial project assessment


Project creation and preparation of documents


Project preparation and realisation


Project installation and commissioning

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