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Preserved Plants

Preserved plants hold a special place within the variety of plant products subjected to preservation. Unique properties acquired by innovative plant preservation technologies broke the ground in this area of interior design development. Green zones in the premises have a positive impact on eyesight, nervous and cardiac-vascular systems, as well lift the spirit.

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Decorating interior with preserved flowers and plants the area gets filled with natural beauty and delicacy. Preserved flora décor arrangements are long-lasting and hypoallergic. They require no special care and can be placed in any part of the room as they need no sunlight. They live without any water at all.


Not long ago Phyto designers have started to use preserved trees in greening offices and quarters. Preserved trees are mostly top requested as a ‘green focus’ interior in offices, hotels, restaurants or beauty shops creating true and solid comfort with homelike atmosphere.

Plant care recommendations are as follows:

Preserved plants need minimum care. Here are some simple rules to be followed that keeps you enjoying this wonderful product for many years:

• Perfect humidity level of the premises is in range of 40-70%
• Avoid water
• Store out of direct sunlight
• Avoid low temperature exposure
• Avoid heavy mechanical disturbance

Preserved trees have the following advantages:

• Easy-to-keep –no need in water or light
• Unexposed to any infesting
• A well-preserved decorative form during 10-15 years
• The trees don’t contain soil which means no garbage, smell or insects
• Bring in the premise the atmosphere of comfort

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